Amazon’s Acquisition of iRobot Faces Regulatory Challenges Over Competition Concerns


  • The U.S. tech titan, Amazon, did not present remedies till the Jan.10 deadline to offset regulator apprehensions that the acquisition of iRobot might bolster Amazon’s e-commerce dominance and undercut competition.
  • Amazon had agreed in August 2022 to purchase iRobot to augment its collection of smart devices such as Alexa voice assistant, smart thermostats, security gadgets, and wall-fixed smart screens.
  • The blocking of this acquisition could negatively impact iRobot’s standalone prospects, as suggested by analysts.
  • Regulators, with a lack of worry for iRobot’s health and financial future, are perceived to be blocking the deal to prevent harm to consumers from big tech firms lessening competition.
  • A probable rejection would coincide with the second tech deal, similar to Adobe’s botched $20 billion deal for Figma, which had faced regulatory impediments.

Tech Giant’s Acquistion Woes

The American tech behemoth was tardy in providing solutions until the Jan. 10, to quell regulator’s fears that the Amazon-iRobot deal would intensify Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce and diminish market competition.

In August 2022, Amazon endorsed the acquisition of iRobot (NASDAQ:), aiming to fortify its portfolio comprised of smart devices such as the Alexa voice assistant, smart thermostats, security devices, and wall-mounted smart displays.

Implications on iRobot’s Future Prospects

The potential obstruction of this deal could undermine iRobot’s potential as an independent entity, according to industry analysts.

Gil Luria, analyst at D.A. Davidson & Co digs deeper stating, “Regulations exhibit negligible concern for iRobot’s welfare and financial prospects. They feel they’re safeguarding consumer interests by preventing large technology firms from purchasing businesses and thereby rendering those sectors less competitive.”

Repercussions of Regulatory Hurdles

Simultaneously, a plausible rejection would render it the second tech deal to encounter regulatory roadblocks in recent times. Adobe (NASDAQ:) had to retract its $20 billion deal for Figma, in December, citing the absence of a clear pathway for antitrust endorsements in Europe and the UK.

Amazon, following iRobot’s fresh debt acquisition, slashed its offer by around 15% in July. Simultaneously, the EU cautioned Amazon that despite clearance from UK regulators, this deal could stifle competition.

Steep Decline in iRobot’s Share Value

Since the announcement of the deal, iRobot shares have witnessed over 66% depletion. Now standing at $16.27, the shares are less than a third of Amazon’s agreed rate of $51.75 per share.

The European Commission has until Feb. 14 to either sanction or reject the deal.

In the realm of forex or trading, the potential blocking of this large-scale deal could give rise to significant market volatility, particularly impacting the assets of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT).

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