Alaska Airlines Resumes MAX 9 Flights following FAA-Approved Inspections


  • MAX 9 operations by the airline carrier resumed partially this Friday, beginning with Flight 1146 from Seattle to San Diego.
  • Inspections on the first MAX 9s by Alaska commenced on Wednesday night, post the approval of the inspection criteria by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The airline anticipates the inspections of its 737-9 MAX to be finished by the close of the upcoming week, facilitating the operation of its full flight schedule.
  • Alaska Airlines and United Airlines, the two American carriers operating the MAX 9, have had to terminate thousands of flights this January following the grounding of 171 MAX 9s on January 6.

MAX 9 Resumes Operations

Flight operations of MAX 9 were resumed by the airline on Friday afternoon, with the initiation of Flight 1146 that flew from Seattle to San Diego. As confirmed by Alaska, the inspections of its first MAX 9s started on Wednesday night, following the green signal for inspection criteria authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Inspection Completion

As stated by the airline, the inspections of its 737-9 MAX are estimated to wrap up by the close of next week, which will enable full flight schedule operations. The airline stated that typically an inspection takes about 12 hours per aircraft.

Quality Improvement Efforts

Following the arrival of the Alaska Airlines flight, a letter was issued to employees by Boeing Commercial Airlines President Stan Deal. The message conveyed the team’s diligent efforts in formulating inspection criteria that ensures aircraft can resume service. He affirmed Boeing’s commitment to improving quality to regain trust from customers, regulators and passengers, and that they are taking responsibility for correcting the issues.

First MAX 9 to resume service

A Copa Airlines jet stands as the first MAX 9 to resume service on Thursday. Following the Jan. 6 grounding of 171 MAX 9s, Alaska and United Airlines, the two U.S. carriers that operate the MAX 9, have had to cancel thousands of flights in this month.

Financial Impact

This transition has substantial implications for forex or trading assets. The stock market may witness an impact as Boeing resumes operations of its MAX 9 fleet. It is a valuable indicator for investors in the aviation sector.

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