Acticor Biotech’s Stroke Drug Glenzocimab Shows Promising Phase 1b/2a Trial Results


In a recent ACTIMIS trial, Acticor Biotech’s drug glenzocimab significantly reduced the rates of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage and all-cause mortaliy in AIS patients. This treatment, alongside standard thrombolysis, showed promising results when used on patients with severe strokes. The data came from a study, now published in The Lancet Neurology Journal, with promising results also backed up by an independent analysis. The company is now focusing on the ACTISAVE trial, anticipating results by Q2 2024. Acticor Biotech’s market performance and financial health is under close watch by investors, given its significant market capitalization and challenging valuations.

Key Findings: Acticor Biotech’s Gelnzocimab

Data from a study by Acticor Biotech, published in The Lancet Neurology Journal, reveals promising results for the usage of the drug glenzocimab in stroke patients. The drug demonstrated severe reduction in intracranial hemorrhage rates and lower all-cause mortality when used with conventional thrombolysis treatment compared to a placebo.

Glenzocimab and AIS Treatment

The ACTIMIS trial evaluated the combination of glenzocimab with established treatments, such as thrombolysis, with or without thrombectomy for AIS patients. The results underline potential benefits for patients facing serious strokes who may be at high risk of intracranial hemorrhage.

Expert Remarks

Professor Mikaël Mazighi, the coordinating investigator for ACTIMIS and first author of the study, emphasized the potential for glenzocimab to facilitate new treatments for severe strokes. Dr. Yannick Pletan, Chief Medical Officer at Acticor Biotech, affirmed the trial’s valuable contributions.

Supporting Analysis

The above outcomes previously exhibited at the European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC) in 2022, were furher substantiated by a post-hoc analysis using AI for brain imaging assessment. This analysis corroborated a decrease in intracerebral lesions in glenzocimab-treated patients.

Next Steps for Acticor Biotech

Current attention is on the ACTISAVE phase 2/3 clinical trial, with outcomes due in Q2 of 2024. The glenzocimab stroke treatment holds “PRIME” status granted by the EMA, encouraging early dialogues with regulatory authorities.

InvestingPro Insights

Acticor Biotech’s financial status indicates some concerns. Despite a positive one-week price total return, the firm has a moderate level of debt and has been incurring losses. However, their progress in glenzocimab trials is a point of keen interest for stakeholders. Further insights can be obtained through a subscription to InvestingPro, available at discounted rates with specific codes.

Lastly, this financial news has the potential to have an impact on forex or trading markets, especially ones dealing with biotech assets like Acticor Biotech.

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