US Jobs Report: Labor Market Impact, EUR/GBP/Loonie/Aussie/Kiwi/Yen & China Economic Indicators


A slide in job openings, ADP nonfarm payrolls, US Jobs Report, German economy, ECB commentary, UK retail sales, Bank of Canada, RBA Rate Statement, Q3 GDP numbers, and China trade data are all impacting financial markets this week.

Focal Keywords: US labor market, Eurozone economy, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Australian economy, Japanese Yen, China trade data

On Friday, household spending and Q3 GDP numbers will move the dial. A fall in household spending could add give the BoJ reason to delay a pivot from negative rates. However, Q3 GDP numbers on Friday will set the bar for the BoJ. The economy may need to improve before the BoJ is willing to exit negative rates.

This news can impact forex and trading, particularly in the USD/JPY and AUD/USD pairs.

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