U.S. Inflation Accelerates in December Amid Potential Interest Rate Cuts


  • Key U.S. inflation figures for December revealed an uptick, contrasting with a deceleration in annual core_READing numbers.
  • This trend analysis arrives as Federal Reserve participants seek further evidence of price gain moderation ahead of potential interest rate reductions projected for this year.
  • Akin reactions to these monetary shifts could directly impact Forex trading and asset trends.

Details on Inflation Figures

Recent data shows that headline U.S inflation escalated in the final month of 2021. This development comes as authorities within the Federal Reserve analyze the macroeconomic climate for signs of softening price hikes before deciding on probable interest rate reductions throughout 2022.

In December, the (CPI) of the globe’s biggest economy hastened to 3.4%, a jump from the 3.1% noted in the preceding month. Furthermore, on an individual level, inflation witnessed a growth of 0.3%. In contrast, expectations from financial analysts had been set at 3.2% and 0.2%.

Analysis on Core Readings

In contrast, the yearly core inflation rate, that is, excluding unpredictable factors such as food and energy prices, saw a minor decrease. The decrease was annotated at approximately 3.9% annually, pulled down from 4.0% in the previous month. On the other hand, the monthly figures matched the November tally at 0.3%. Initial projections for these core readings were anticipated at 3.8% and 0.3% respectively.

Potential Impact on Forex and Trading

How these inflation trends play out could have significant implications on Forex trading and other asset markets, especially if the Federal Reserve decides to reduce interest rates this year.

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