Tokyo New-Build Apartment Prices Hit Record High Amid Investment Boom


  • Newly built apartments in Japan’s capital experienced a 39.4% increase in average price from the previous year, peaking at a record 114.8 million yen ($778,041) in 2023, according to data from the Real Estate Economic Institute.
  • Both property and stock markets are seeing a boom in investments following prolonged periods of deflation and stagnant growth in Japan.
  • Attracted by Japan’s low interest rates, the weak yen, which is near to a 33-year low, and due to shifting funds away from China’s concerning property crisis and geopolitical instability, foreign buyers are driving up the apartment prices.

Record Apartment Prices in Tokyo

The average cost of newly constructed Tokyo apartments skyrocketed to an all-time high of 114.8 million yen ($778,041) in 2023, reflecting a 39.4% year-on-year increase, as reported by the Real Estate Economic Institute.

The Japanese economy, which had been grappling with deflation and sluggish growth for many years, is now witnessing an unprecedented property and stock market investment boom.

Factors Driving the Price Boost

There are several drivers for this price increase. Japan’s low interest rates are a major attraction, along with foreign investment benefiting from the weak yen, which is hovering around a 33-year low. Investors are also moving their funds out of China due to concerns over a real estate crisis and geopolitical issues, adding further upward pressure on apartment prices.

Comparative Pricing Analysis

The staggering 114.8 million yen price marks a point where a Tokyo apartment now costs approximately 25 times Japan’s average nationwide salary of 4.6 million yen ($31,175.87).

Luxury Apartments: A Hot Market

In 2023, the Tokyo metropolitan area witnessed the sale of over 4,000 luxury apartments priced over 100 million yen, which included properties like the Mita Garden Hills in central Tokyo, where a massive 376.50 square-meter (4,052 square feet) unit sold for 4.5 billion yen.

Apartment Price Surge Beyond Central Tokyo

As prospective buyers explore options beyond the heated central Tokyo market, prices in the greater Tokyo area have also risen, with the average apartment price rising 28.8% to hit a record 81 million yen.

($1 = 147.5500 yen)

The surge in real estate prices in Tokyo may have significant implications for the foreign exchange market and may influence the value of certain assets, given the strong correlation between property prices and the broader economic health.

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