President Milei Proposes Pension and Tax Reform Amid High Inflation


  • The government headed by libertarian President Javier Milei has proposed reforms to the country’s pension structure and tax scheme.
  • Despite initial statements, changes to the omnibus bill will be made amid opposition from Congress.
  • Inflation, a key issue on Milei’s administration agenda, has seen a significant decrease in recent weeks.
  • The Ministry will control the national infrastructure portfolio after the government abolished the infrastructure ministry.

Pension Structure and Tax Scheme Reforms

Proposals for overhauling the country’s pension structure and tax scheme were presented, as Caputo clarified. The initiative is an acknowledgment from the government under libertarian President Javier Milei, who assumed power in December.

Changes to Omnibus Bill

Milei had initially stated that no alterations to the omnibus bill text would occur, but the bill has encountered resistance in Congress amid fears it would grant Milei excessive authority.

Inflation Control Efforts

Caputo remarked that inflation, which Milei promised to address upon taking office and which currently exceeds 200% annually, has “significantly subsided” during the last two weeks.

Infrastructure Portfolio Shift

Moreover, Caputo mentioned that his ministry would oversee the country’s infrastructure portfolio, corroborating earlier press reports stating that the government decided to eliminate the infrastructure ministry.

In conclusion, these developments may have the potential to impact forex or trading, particularly pertaining to assets tied tightly to Argentina’s national economy and infrastructure development. This in turn may initiate shifts in trade patterns and currency values.

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