November Jobs-to-Applicants Ratio Dips to 1.28: Financial Update


  • The ratio of jobs-to-applicants saw a slight drop to 1.28 in November, a decrement from figures recorded in October while falling below the median prediction of 1.30, according to data presented by the labour ministry.
  • Additional data and tables concerning unemployment are accessible on the internal affairs ministry’s website.
  • Details about the jobs-to-applicants ratio and newly available job offers are posted in Japanese on the labour ministry’s website.

Jobs-to-Applicants Ratio in November

The ratio comparing jobs to applicants dipped to 1.28 in the month of November. This was somewhat lesser than the figures produced in October and went against the median forecast of 1.30, as depicted by independent data from the labour ministry.

More Details Online

For more comprehensive insight and a detailed table on employment data, consider navigating to the website of the internal affairs ministry.

Japanese Information

Please note, updates on the jobs-to-applicants ratio and new job listings are available in Japanese on the official website of the labour ministry.

This dip in the jobs-to-applicants ratio could impact forex trading, potentially influencing the valuation of the Japanese yen.

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