Nikola Founder Convicted for Securities Fraud Amid False Claims


  • Milton faced conviction in October 2022 due to fraud charges linked to his company, Nikola.
  • The charges revolved around deceitful claims about Nikola’s technology to attract retail investors.
  • He is set for sentencing on December 18.
  • Prosecutors have compared him to Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, also convicted for fraud.
  • Milton has pleaded for leniency citing the legitimacy of Nikola unlike Theranos.

Prosecution of Milton

Reported by Jody Godoy. In a court hearing in October 2022, Milton was found guilty on charges of two counts wire fraud and one count securities fraud. He was accused of deceiving retail investors with inaccurate information about Nikola’s technology since 2019.

Market Impact & Sentencing

The sentencing of Milton is planned for December 18. During the hearing, it’s likely that investors who suffered losses will get an opportunity to express their grievances. Interestingly, Nikola’s market capitalization had surged beyond $30 billion in June 2020.

Prosecutors’ Recommendations & Comparisons

On Tuesday, prosecutors urged U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos to impose a significant sentence on Milton. Their appeal was in line with Probation Department’s 11-year recommendation. They paralleled Milton with Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder, who was handed an 11-year prison term last year for investor fraud.

The Defence of Milton

Milton requested the judge not to liken him with Holmes, pointing out that Nikola is an actual company producing real products, unlike Theranos. He pleaded for probation, attributing his statements to his deeply entrenched optimism in Nikola, the company he started back in 2014.

Claims and Manipulation

During the trial, prosecutors asserted that Milton exploited social media and news media platforms to disseminate false promises. These included the claim of Nikola building an all-electric, hydrogen-powered “Badger” pickup from scratch.

In the world of forex and trading, the sentencing of prominent figures like Milton can significantly influence the market dynamics of related assets. In this case, the stocks of Nikola Corporation could experience noticeable fluctuations.

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