NEC Head Lael Brainard Optimistic about Lower Inflation and Strong Economy in 2022


With the National Economic Council anticipating inflation decrease and continuous economic strength, the government is exploring ways to lower costs. The financial markets reflect this positive outlook, promising a significant impact on both forex and trading. Furthermore, officials have noted the significant contribution of immigration to the improvement of the labour market.

Projections on Inflation and Economic Strength

Lael Brainard, the head of the National Economic Council, reported positive indicators, mainly that inflation has substantially dropped and will continue to do so whilst the economy maintains its strength. This strong economic future is projected into the next year.

Government Efforts to Lower Costs

According to Brainard, despite the optimistic outlook from financial markets about the economic trajectory, it will take time for individuals to achieve financial security. She mentioned that efforts to lower costs are underway, without specifying what the initiatives might be.

U.S. Treasury Secretary’s Remarks on Inflation and Job Market

Similar views were expressed by U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. She commented on her observation of a consistent trend of inflation decline over time and expects the current disruptions in the job market to stabilize.

Bouncing Back: Credit To Immigration

Moreover, Brainard highlighted the role of immigration in aiding the rebound of the nation’s workforce, noting that it forms part of the overall policy considerations. The immigrant workforce has been a considerable contributor to the labour force’s recovery over the past year.

In conclusion, these economic indicators significantly impact financial sectors like forex and trade. A shift in various financial assets is anticipated in light of these developments, given the broad influence of these economic indicators.

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