Macroeconomic Policies to Aid Economic Recovery: Central Economic Work Conference


  • The official Xinhua has announced that Macroeconomic policies will continue supporting economic recovery.
  • This significant detail was disclosed during the Central Economic Work Conference that occurred between Dec. 11-12.
  • During this conference, top leaders set the economic targets for the coming year.

Continued Support from Macroeconomic Policies

In an in-depth announcement from the annual Central Economic Work Conference, held Decebmer 11-12, it was revealed that macroeconomic policies would continue to bolster economic recovery. This key discussion, as reported by the official Xinhua, had top leaders setting the economic milestones for the subsequent year.

By maintaining this crucial support from macroeconomic policies, it hints towards a positive outlook to the financial health of the economy, and potentially offers favorable conditions for forex trades and other types of investments. This could notably impact the trading world and possibly influence a shift in investment patterns.

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