Japan’s Inflation Falls to Almost Meet BOJ’s Target Amid Economic Concerns


Japan’s capital recorded an expected drop in inflation in December, nearing the Bank of Japan’s annual target. This unwavering trend is predicted to reflect in nationwide inflation. Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation, excluding volatile fresh food prices, witnessed a 2.1% rise on an annual basis, according to data from the Statistics Bureau. The increase in prices turns out to be consistent with predictions and less than the 2.3% noted in November.

Inflation Trend in Japan

The core CPI inflation surged by 0.1% from November to December. Another core reading that leaves out both fresh food and fuel costs raised by 3.5% in December, a slight decline from 3.6% in the previous month. This core reading, which depicts underlying inflation, is monitored closely by the BOJ, revealing a consistent fall from the 40-year peaks registered earlier in 2023.

Impact on Import Costs

Without a doubt, the milder inflation reading stemmed from modest surges in food and fuel costs which seem to be steadying in sync with international supply chains. The strength of the through December also influenced the reduction in import costs largely, which have been a significant contributing factor to inflation over the last two years.

Towards Tightening Dovish Policies

The core CPI reading was slightly higher than the BOJ’s annual 2% target range, which the bank considers crucial for the initiation of tightening its ultra-dovish policy. An expected similar reading could stem from the Tokyo CPI reading and it is the country’s economic powerhouse.

Impact of Natural Disaster on Economy

However, Tuesday’s inflation reading excluded the devastating effects of an earthquake in Japan at the start of 2024. The natural disaster is anticipated to grow inflation as the government rolls out more fiscal spending amidst rebuilding efforts. As a result, there might be a delay in the BOJ’s plans to pivot from its ultra-dovish stance. This was shown in the significant drop of the yen in the first week of 2024.

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Final Thoughts

Monitoring Japan’s inflation trends, who today find themselves on the brink of the Bank of Japan’s annual target, is vital. This situation could influence trading decisions of assets linked with the Japanese economy, impacting forex and investment strategies.

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