Japanese Manufacturing Output and Retail Sales Decelerate Amid Economic Challenges


  • Based on a survey carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, manufacturing companies anticipate that their seasonally adjusted productivity will falter by 6.2% in January but rebound with a 2.2% climb in February.
  • Separate data revealed that December witnessed a 2.1% rise in Japanese retail sales from the same time the previous year, signifying the 22nd consecutive month of growth. However, this fell short of the median market prediction of a 4.7% surge.
  • In comparison to November, retail sales dipped 2.9% in the last month of the year, following a 1.1% surge in the penultimate month.

Manufacturing Output Forecasts

A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry unveiled that manufacturers anticipate a 6.2% drop in seasonally adjusted output in January, followed by a rebounding climb of 2.2% in February.

Japanese Retail Sales Growth

Further data demonstrated that Japanese retail sales witnessed a 2.1% expansion in December compared to the same period last year. Although this represents the 22nd month in a row of growth, it did not meet the median market projection for a 4.7% spike.

Comparison to Previous Months

When stacked against the preceding month, retail sales suffered a 2.9% slump in December, coming after a 1.1% rise in November, according to the same data set.

The aforementioned fluctuations in manufacturing output and retail sales could have potential implications for Forex and trading strategies, particularly impacting the trade of assets linked to the performance of the Japanese economy like the JPY/USD currency pair.

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