Japanese Imports Fell 11.9%, Trade Deficit at 776.9 Billion Yen


  • Imports observed a substantial fall of 11.9% year on year till November, significantly more than the predicted decrease of 8.6%.
  • A significant trade imbalance resulted in a deficit of 776.9 billion yen, which is approximately $5.40 billion, notably lower than the median deficit estimate of 962.4 billion yen.
  • Additional details are accessible on the official MOF website.
  • By the current rate, the dollar equivalent of 143.9000 yen is $1.

Trade Deficit and Import Decline

Year-on-year imports saw a notable decline of 11.9% up to November, which outperformed the median prognosis of an 8.6% contraction.

The imbalance in trade resulted in a deficit reaching 776.9 billion yen ($5.40 billion), an outcome considerably lesser than the median projection of a deficit tallying 962.4 billion yen.

Further Information

To access complete charts and figures, refer to the MOF’s official site:


Exchange Rate

The prevailing conversion rate is $1 equivalent to 143.9000 yen.

The import decline and trade deficit showcased above could influence the forex market dynamics and the trading of assets associated with Japanese Yen.

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