India’s Fiscal Deficit Hits 8.04 Trillion Rupees in First 7 Months of FY 2023-24


Financial news updates for India reveal a fiscal deficit of 8.04 trillion Indian rupees ($96.86 billion) in the first seven months of the financial year 2023/2024. This constitutes 45% of the total estimated fiscal deficit for the year. Despite this, proceeds from the divestment of government firm stakes have only reached 100.5 billion as of December 13, falling short of the yearly target of 510 billion rupees. Market conditions and investor appetite will dictate the total proceeds garnered from divestment by year-end.

Fiscal Deficit Update

As per the recent government data, India’s fiscal deficit for the initial seven months of the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024, stood at a hefty 8.04 trillion Indian rupees ($96.86 billion). This makes up 45% of the annual estimated fiscal deficit.

Divestment Proceeds

However, only 100.5 billion rupees have been gathered from the sale of shares in government-owned entities till December 13. This is considerably less when compared to the yearly objective of 510 billion rupees, stated Karad while conversing with lawmakers.

Furthermore, Karad added that future proceeds from divestment in financial year 2023-24 cannot be accurately predicted as stake sales greatly depend on varying factors. These factors range from the standing market conditions to the current investor sentiment.

The conversion rate for the time being is $1 for 83.0235 Indian Rupees.

Continued monitoring of these financial developments will be crucial for forex and trading predictions, most notably involving assets linked to the Indian economy and market.

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