Hong Kong-Based Harvest Global Investment Initiates Layoffs Amid Weak Demand for Chinese Stocks


  • Hong Kong-based investment firm, Harvest Global Investment (HGI), has issued layoff notices to its staff amidst a diminished interest in Chinese stocks from foreign investors.
  • HGI, which constitutes a significant part of the offshore operations of Harvest Fund, will be streamlining its services to primarily cater to Chinese clientele.
  • The move reflects the current financial climate in China, where asset managers are dealing with reduced foreign capital inflows due to an economic slowdown, property sector issues, and local government debt woes.
  • As part of an organizational restructuring, most functions serving foreign clients will now be transferred from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Existing Economic Climate in China

HGI’s layoffs come at a time when the Chinese economy faces significant challenges. These include a decrease in international capital inflows and a prolonged property crisis. The $3.8 trillion mutual fund industry in the nation is also grappling with narrowed margins, owing to slowing sales and Beijing’s call for lowered fees.

Reorganisation Strategy at HGI

A confidential source revealed that the job cuts implemented by HGI are part of a broader strategic plan. The restructuring will shift the major responsibilities of servicing foreign clientele from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Investment Layoffs in Hong Kong

In recent years, Harvest has been among the first Chinese asset management firms to execute sizable layoffs in Hong Kong. These job cuts due to slowing investments and reduced deals in Greater China pose a threat to the prospects of the Asian financial hub.

A spokesperson for Harvest Fund stated that HGI will not cease serving foreign clientele or shut down retail funds despite the layoffs. Instead, the parent company will offer increased support to HGI for client services.

Foreign Disinterest in Chinese Assets

Decreasing foreign interest in Chinese equities, amplified by concerns over China’s economic deceleration and increased competition for foreign investment, has impacted HGI’s business opportunities.

In 2023, China’s stock market underperformed on a global scale, leading to the withdrawal of several international pension funds, sovereign funds, and hedge funds from the Chinese market.

The economic conditions and investment landscape in China can significantly impact forex trading and other global assets, as investors may be compelled to reassess their portfolio’s risk exposure.

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