Healthy Labor Market Predicted to Shield US Economy from Recession in 2024


  • Data on employment claims remained consistent despite holiday fluctuations, suggesting a strong labor market and potential protection against recession in the upcoming year.
  • An upward trend in claims between November and December coincided with reports of 199,000 jobs added in November, although below the average of 240,000 over the past year.
  • The Federal Reserve maintains steady interest rates, with projections indicating a halt in policy tightening and lower borrowing costs projected for 2024.
  • Continuing claims, a representation of hiring rates, face regular increases since mid-September due to seasonal fluctuations and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Economic growth is reported to have accelerated in the third quarter with a GDP expansion rate of 4.9%, marking the quickest pace since the fourth quarter of 2021.

Robust Labor Market

While employment claim data can fluctuate towards the end of the year following holiday season, current figures continue to imply a healthy labor market which is predicted to safeguard the economy from a potential recession in the future. A recent survey by the Conference Board revealed that a high percentage of consumers perceive job opportunities to be plentiful, the highest percentage recorded in five months.

Employment Claims and the Economy

During the week which saw government surveys for nonfarm payrolls from December’s employment report, a slight increase in claims was noted between the November and December surveys. Although the economy added fewer jobs in November than the monthly average, the total gain was higher than October’s figures.

Federal Reserve’s Role

Last week saw the Federal Reserve maintaining interest rates steady, with policymakers hinting at a halt in the monumental monetary policy tightening witnessed in the past two years. The outlook for 2024 predicts lower borrowing costs. The Fed has increased its policy rate from its position in March 2022, resulting in a range of 5.25%-5.50%.

Future Hiring Trends

Insights about hiring trends in December may be indicated by data on continuing claims next week, representing those receiving benefits after an initial week of aid. There was a decrease of 1,000 in continuing claims during the week ending Dec. 9, reaching 1.865 million, according to the claims report.

Impact on Forex and Trading

The dynamics of the job market and the resulting economic projections play an integral role in shaping forex trends and trading strategies. Assets like government bonds, dollar-backed commodities, and equities linked to consumer spending may see significant impact.

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