Guidelines for Engaging with Our Financial News Community

Engaging in User Discussion

Consider engaging with other platform users by commenting on posts, sharing ideas, and asking questions to authors and other users. Remember, we strive for a high-level discourse, so please keep the following criteria in mind: 


  • Encouraging Healthy Conversation

    Contribute to the conversation positively, without making it chaotic.

  • Being Relevant and Focused

    Stay centered, post only related content concerning the topic on discussion.

  • Respecting Others

    Show Respect. Frame even negative opinions positively and diplomatically. Any form of bigotry or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Your Writing Style

    Write using a standard style, complete with punctuation, upper and lower case texts. Anything short of this will be deleted.

  • Spam and Promotional Content

    Spam and promotional messages will be deleted. Also, messages containing personal contact detail or promotional material will be removed, and can result in a potential suspension of your account.

  • Privacy First

    The sharing of private or personal contact information is prohibited. Violation of this criteria will result in immediate account suspension.

  • Don’t Hoard the Conversation

    Monopolizing a chat thread to the detriment of other users is frowned upon. We reserve the right to ban offenders without recourse.

  • English Only

    Only comments in the English language are permitted.

  • Public and Indexed Comments

    All your comments, along with your profile, will be public on this platform and may be indexed on search engines. This is completely public and may be indexed by entities like Google.’s Rights

Spam or abusive behavior will lead to deletion of the accused accounts from our site, and ban them from future registration at the discretion of This content greatly affects trading in forex, or any other assets one might hold, caution is advised.

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