Government Implements $10 Salary Increase Amid Economic Struggles


  • The $10 salary increment will aid workers announced by the ministry, following failed negotiations between business groups and worker organizations.
  • The fiscal deficit is projected to exceed $5 billion in this fiscal year based on government’s estimates.
  • Newly elected president, Daniel Noboa, pledges the creation of more job opportunities, particularly for youths, and elevation of investment in the ailing economy via immediate legislative amendments.

Detailed Overview

The recent hike in this year’s salary of $10 is expected to have a positive effect on workers, as stated by the ministry, after a stalemate between business collectives and worker’s unions regarding a pay rise.

Estimated Fiscal Deficit

The government’s computation indicates that the fiscal deficit might exceed $5 billion in the current year.

New President’s Promise

In light of recent developments, the newly appointed President Daniel Noboa has committed to generating employment opportunities, focussing primarily on the youth, and improving investment in the tumultuous economy with the help of imperative legislative changes.

Impact on Forex and Trading

This considerable shift in the nation’s economy and labor force can potentially affect forex or trading, possibly creating volatility in the value of domestic assets and currency.

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