German Unemployment Rate at 5.9%: Lowest Level since Reunification


  • Andrea Nahles, head of the Federal Employment Agency, points out the resilience of the labour market despite hardships and uncertainties.
  • The unemployment level in 2023 was amongst the lowest recorded since Germany’s reunification.
  • The jobless rate showed a marginal increase in December, settling at 5.9% after seasonal adjustments.

Labor Market Remains Strong Amidst Challenges

Andrea Nahles, the Federal Employment Agency’s chairwoman, indicates that the labour market continues its robust performance despite the manifold pressures and uncertainties it faces.

Record Resilience in 2023

According to Nahles, 2023 stands as a year that witnessed one of the lowest unemployment rates following the reunification of Germany.

Unemployment Rate: A Slight Uptick

There was a marginal rise in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in December, with the figure moving up to 5.9%.

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