Dubai’s Economic Growth and D33 Plan to Become Top Global Financial Centre


  • Over a period of nine months, the accommodation and food services sectors in Dubai experienced a growth rate of 11.1%.
  • Transportation and storage services saw an increase of 10.9%, with the information and communications sector growing by 4.4%.
  • Dubai, known as the trade and tourism epicenter of the Gulf area, initiated a 10-year economic plan, D33, in January of the previous year.
  • The D33 plan strives to double the city state’s economy and elevate Dubai into the top four global financial centres within the next decade.

Economic Growth in Various Sectors

Over the span of nine months, sectors such as accommodation and food services witnessed a significant growth of 11.1% in Dubai. Additionally, the transportation and storage services demonstrated a robust rise of 10.9%. The city state’s information and communications sector also displayed a notable growth of 4.4% during this period.

The Launch of D33 Economic Plan

Recognized as the Gulf region’s primary trade and tourism destination, Dubai launched an ambitious 10-year economic strategy, dubbed D33, in January of the previous year. The core objective of this plan is to double the economy’s size and turn Dubai into one of the world’s top four financial powerhouses within the forthcoming decade.

Influence on the world of forex and trading: The marked growth in various sectors and ambitious economic plans in Dubai may directly impact forex dynamics and trading activities. This could potentially influence the assets linked with these sectors.

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