December Property Price Rise in China Amidst Housing Market Crisis


  • According to China Index Academy, a renowned real estate research firm, there was a slight increase in prices by 0.1% in December compared to the previous month, following a 0.05% rise witnessed in November.
  • The property market has been facing a series of challenges in recent years, which significantly affected investor and consumer confidence.
  • In a bid to breathe life into the housing sector, authorities have implemented several measures. In November, home purchase restrictions were eased in Shanghai and Beijing, including lowering the deposit ratio for the first and second homes.
  • Despite these efforts, experts remain skeptical, believing that the weak sentiment among homebuyers will limit the longevity of these measures.

Property Market’s Turbulent Period

In December, there was a moderate 0.1% price increase from November. In comparison, November saw a 0.05% rise in prices. These statistics are reported by China Index Academy, a firm specializing in real estate research.

Confidence Crisis in Property Sector

Over the years, the property sector’s unfolding crises have significantly dented both consumer and investor trust.

Efforts to Revitalize Housing Sector

To turn around the sluggish housing market, authorities have rolled out a series of interventions. During November, restrictions on home buying were loosened in Beijing and Shanghai. These adjustments included reducing the base deposit ratio for first-time and second home buyers.

Expert Insights

However, the sentiment among potential homebuyers is perceived as fragile by analysts, which could limit the long-term effect of these measures.

These trends could potentially affect forex or trading, specifically in the areas of real estate assets and China’s financial sector.

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