Brazil’s Record Trade Surplus and 2024 Growth Forecast in Exports and Imports


  • In the previous year, South America’s leading country saw a trade surplus amounting around $99 billion, the statistics reveal.
  • According to forecasts, 2024 may experience a 5.4% upswing in imports and 2.5% growth in exports.
  • Analysts predict that the 2023 record might be hard to surpass due to increasing import fueled by falling interest rates.
  • In 2023, the trade surplus, beating the former record from 2022, showed growth by nearly 61%.
  • Imports in 2023 observed a decline by 12% compared to 2022 as per ministry data.
  • Throughout the year, the observed contraction in prices and volumes resulted in a drop in key product imports like fuels, fertilizers, and industrial electronic components.
  • Brazilian exports witnessed a slight rise of 1.7% in 2023.
  • Last year, owing to an exceptional agricultural harvest and extractive sector shipments, Brazilian exports surged.
  • For the first time in 2023, Brazil’s exports to China alone surpassed the $100 billion landmark, with the total reaching almost $106 billion.

Higher Trade Surplus Forecast for South America in Previous Year

According to official reports, the trade surplus in South America’s prime player in the previous year – when export values overshadowed import values – nearly totaled $99 billion.

Forecasts for 2024 suggest a surge of 5.4% in imports, while export growth is predicted to be 2.5%.

Impending Import Boost and Trade Surplus Records

Prior to this, analysts had suggested that the record set in 2023 could be difficult to surpass, considering that falling interest rates are anticipated to amplify import volumes.

The record trade surplus of last year signifies a growth of nearly 61% compared to the previous record documented in 2022.

Imports Contraction in 2023

According to official data, 2023 imports declined by about 12% in comparison to 2022.

The downward trend continued throughout the year with both price and volume contraction, leading to a decrease in imports of pivotal items such as industrial fuels, fertilizers and electronic components.

Rise in Brazilian Exports in 2023

On the contrary, Brazil witnessed a minor upsurge of 1.7% in its exports in 2023.

An unprecedented agricultural yield and a burst of consignments from the extraction industry fuelled a late-year surge in Brazilian exports.

Brazil’s 2023 Export Landmark with China

In the same year, Brazil also achieved a significant milestone by exporting over $100 billion worth of goods to a single nation, China, for the first time ever. As stated by Tatiana Prazeres, the foreign trade secretary, exports to the giant Asian market touched an impressive figure of $106 billion in the last year.

This potential trend of sustained export growth and import contraction could significantly impact the forex trading sector, particularly influencing assets related to Brazilian and Chinese markets.

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