Biden Uses Lehigh Valley Economic Surge to Bolster Re-election Bid


  • President Biden aims to leverage the economic prosperity of small businesses in the predominantly industrial Lehigh Valley to argue for his re-election prospects.
  • Despite experiencing an economic downturn in the 1970s, the region known as the Rust Belt has seen steady improvement, with Allentown’s unemployment standing around 3.9%, close to the lowest in two decades.
  • The key element of Biden’s pitch includes drawing attention to the low inflation rates & the condition of the economy, while also highlighting the authoritarian tendencies of his predecessor, Donald Trump.
  • Biden prioritizes Pennsylvania, the state of his birth, as a necessity for his second-term win.
  • Trump, on the other hand, continues to stress on inflation under Biden’s administration in his re-election campaign.

The Lehigh Valley’s Economic Renaissance

Biden’s expected visit to the Lehigh Valley is meant to highlight the economic success of middle-class entrepreneurs and workers in the former industrial heartlands. He also aims to draw attention to the decreasing inflation rates and his potential second-term presidency.

Remarkable Recovery of the Rust Belt

The Rust Belt, which witnessed a significant economic retreat since the 1970s due to costly operations and global trade dynamics, has undergone substantial regeneration. A testament to this is Allentown’s unemployment record, which is currently at a nearly 20-year low of 3.9%.

Biden’s Campaign Strategies

Biden’s campaign centers on showcasing the low inflation and unemployment rates and their appeal to voters who prioritize the economy. Meanwhile, he continues to underline the potential threat of Trump’s authoritarian inclinations. Despite these strategies, Biden still has to gain solid ground among American voters, as indicated by closely tied poll results.

The Importance of Pennsylvania

The Biden campaign targets Pennsylvania as a crucial state for winning the election. The state holds a special place for Biden as his birthplace. He managed to secure a win in 2020, though by a slight margin, and hopes to repeat the success in the coming years.

Trump’s Campaign Focuses on Inflation

Trump’s primary focus remains on Biden’s inflation rates as he seeks re-election. His campaign continues amidst the Republican caucus in Iowa, a state not predicted to be closely contested.

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