Biden Highlights Infrastructure Investments Ahead of 2024 Election


  • Biden lauds Landrieu’s efforts in executing a $1 trillion federal project focused on infrastructure improvements. This includes constructing bridges and roads, as well as electric vehicle charging stations, and enhancing high-speed internet connectivity.
  • Landrieu’s pivotal role in promoting President Biden’s strategy of revitalizing the American economy forms a critical part of their re-election campaign, as stated by Biden’s campaign chief, Julie Chavez Rodriguez.
  • The impending November election, presenting a potential duel with ex-President Donald Trump, has spurred Biden to further propel his campaign.
  • Through the employment of long-standing advisers and the initiation of over 40,000 national projects, Biden’s administration aims to boost the economy in the next three to five years.

Infrastructure Work and Economy Rebuilding

Biden commended the work of Landrieu, who is administering a $1 trillion federal infrastructure buildout, stating it demonstrates their capacity to “achieve major milestones”. Landrieu’s role in reiterating how Biden’s administration is investing in America and reviving the economy is deemed essential to their re-election strategy, as per Biden campaign leader Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

Momentum in Biden’s Campaign

Biden is gathering momentum in his campaign ahead of the consequential November election, possibly encountering a repeat faceoff with past President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner to be the Republican nominee. Biden intends to use the economy and his efforts in reconstructing America as his leverage. Nonetheless, close poll results have incited closer evaluation of his campaign strategy.

Advisory Role & Federal Projects

Biden has retained his trusted, long-term advisers within his administration. He stresses that his campaign should have the ability to make independent decisions without having to seek White House approval, according to The Washington Post. Biden’s administration has endorsed over 40,000 projects across the nation. However, as they are projected to take a few years to be realized, Landrieu’s public communication about them is legally regulated.

Presidential Election & Economic Situation

Biden perceives the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign as a Democracy trial, following Trump’s actions to challenge the 2020 election outcome. At the same time, Biden appreciates the post-pandemic economic resiliency, characterized by steady employment levels and stabilized inflation despite higher costs and general economic pessimism.

Trump, on the other hand, contests all charges related to election misconduct and cautions that Biden’s re-election could cause economic turmoil.

In the realm of forex trading, the presidential election could introduce market volatility, particularly affecting USD-based pairs due to uncertainties surrounding the future of America’s economic policy.

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