Argentina’s Economy Reform Bill Passes Lower House Despite Controversy


  • The contentious reform package has received approval with 144 votes for, and 109 against.
  • Lower-house lawmakers are expected to scrutinise the bill article by article from Feb. 6, but with general approval, it will reach the upper-house in some form.
  • Milei’s substantial reform bill is pivotal to his strategies to alleviate Argentina’s struggling economy, dealing with over 200% inflation, dwindling foreign currency reserves, and pressing debt repayment obligations.
  • Milei’s Libertad Avanza party holds a small seat fraction in the 257-seat chamber; however, they managed to gather sufficient backing to further the bill.

Approval of Milei’s Reform Package

The disputed reform package obtained approval with 144 votes supporting it, contrasting 109 against.

Perusal by Lower-house Lawmakers

Commencing Feb. 6, the lower-house lawmakers are set to dissect the legislation article-wise. Despite this detailed review, the bill, receiving general backing, is envisioned to make its way to the upper house.

Cornerstone of Milei’s Economic Revival Plan

The colossal reform package forms a crucial part of Milei’s overhaul tactics for Argentina’s beleaguered economy. This economy is confronted with inflation exceeding 200%, dwindling foreign currency reserves, and an immediate need to pay off debt to creditors and investors.

Libertad Avanza Party’s Crucial Role

Despite possessing a stingy number of seats in the 257-seat chamber, the Libertad Avanza party, under Milei’s leadership, successfully rallied considerable support to propel the bill.

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