4 Reasons Why Trump Could Win the 2024 Presidential Election


  • Donald Trump has a substantial lead in the Republican presidential nomination race, marking a significant comeback.
  • Four main reasons contribute to Trump’s potential victory in the 2024 elections against Democrat incumbent, Joe Biden including voter dissatisfaction, Trump’s ability to speak to fears of Americans, his past actions not disqualifying him and him siphoning blame for the country’s situation on Biden.
  • The economic climate of the country is a notable focus, especially as voters contend with high cost of living despite optimistic government projections.
  • Trump’s methods of addressing fears and neoliberal approach to politics are appealing factors to many.
  • Notwithstanding, Trump’s unpopularity and divisive rhetoric could play a critical role in the outcome of the elections.

Trump’s Electoral Comeback

Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP race for the US presidential ticket shows a striking resurgence. His 50-point lead in national opinion polls symbolizes a notable reversal of fortunes for the one-term president who seemed defeated and disgraced three years ago.

Reasons for Trump’s Prospective Win

There are four primary calculations behind Trump potentially defeating Joe Biden, the incumbent Democratic president, in the forthcoming November 2024 elections:

Voter Discontent

The Biden administration contends that the US economy is stable with an all-time low unemployment rate of 3.9% as compared to the 6.3% when Trump exited office. They also cite a dip in inflation rates from a high of over 9% in June 2022 to 3.2% by October.

However, there is considerable public dissatisfaction with a significant number of voters, particularly among racial minorities and the young, interpreting the economic situation differently. They highlight stagnant wages that do not keep up with the growing cost of essentials such as food, housing, and healthcare.

Emotive Appeal

Apart from the economic concerns, Trump resonates with voter fears, real or imagined, particularly concerning white Americans’ uncertainty in an increasingly diverse nation. There is a critical sense of loss—traditional symbols of the American dream like homeownership and college education seem increasingly unachievable.

Trump effectively captures these anxieties, yet maintaining an outsider’s aura in the US political scene. He presents himself as both the incendiary and the remedy, claiming the nation is in turmoil and advocating himself as the solution.

Criticism Not Hindrance

Despite intense backlash from his own party, Democrats, and media outlets that see him as unfit for presidency, a substantial number of voters disagree.

Trump can highlight his four-year term, arguing that government operations, albeit chaotic at times, maintained functionality despite rampant views that he was incapable as a leader and rumors of collusion with Russia went unfounded.

Biden Receives Blame Without Recognition

Trump can capitalize on the perception of Biden’s inability to convince the public that his job creation plans are positively impacting their lives.

Biden’s handling of two ongoing foreign wars has also drawn criticism. Trump’s non-interventionist stance may resonate with voters apprehensive of more US involvement in affairs such as Ukraine or Israel, while Biden upholds a more traditional interventionist foreign policy.

However, Trump’s electoral success is not guaranteed. He is still largely unpopular across certain groups and regions, and his selection as the Republican candidate could trigger a substantial Democrat voter turnout.

Reflecting on Campaign Rhetoric and Impact on Trading

Trump’s controversial statements, including threats against critics he classifies as “vermin,” could deter moderate Republicans and independent voters needed to surpass Biden.

Democrats have effectively positioned themselves as champions of abortion rights, effectively outpacing Republicans in several elections, and seem poised to use this strategy in the 2024 campaign.

Yet, a Trump victory seems more likely now than at any time since he left office.

Comprehending the implications of the election outcome on forex markets and trading is vital—particularly for investors considering assets like currency pairs that involve the dollar or US global giants, which could be impacted by shifts in political and economic directions.

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