About Us

About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2022, PipPenguin is at the forefront of trading education, market news, and in-depth broker reviews. It began with our team of globally recognized traders and analysts not being satisfied with the amount of trading material (and how it relates to the markets) available to individuals and enthusiasts looking to enter the world of investing.  

PipPenguin is guided by its principles of “free, accurate, unprejudiced, and relevant” educational trading material that our team works to provide around the clock. 

Learning how to trade, understanding the markets, and choosing the best online broker is no longer a boundary for individuals who want to invest and be profitable; this is where PipPenguin comes in, acting as a guide and tutor.   

Our Work

Our work is based on real insight, days of research, years of experience, and an open mind revealing the worthwhile information people are looking for that is locked behind the opaque world of trading and investing.  


Everything from unbiased broker reviews to education and information on trading, forex, crypto, and more can be found on PipPenguin, whether you are a beginner day trader or a seasoned investing professional. Our work in the relevant fields of finance and trading applies to all.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide traders and investors of all levels with invaluable educational trading material along with unbiased broker reviews


With this in mind, we aim to give traders the tools that will help them learn to trade more effectively, along with allowing them to understand and choose which broker would better suit them on their successful trading journey.  

Our Team

Our team consists of businessmen and women who spend every day analyzing and trading the markets, keeping updated on current financial news, and collectively have accumulated almost 100 years of experience understanding finance, economics, and investing. 

Our Authority

Our authority comes from our team of professional traders and analysts that have dedicated their lives to the financial markets. Having been highly educated and spending years studying their respected fields of business, finance, economics, and politics, they utilize their backgrounds to bolster and provide the best possible content that PipPenguin produces.   


From market breakdowns to technical analysis, fundamentals, and market research, our team has been involved in the world of finance (in some instances, on an institutional level). Our team does not just write articles but uses their experience and knowledge to trade and grow their diversified portfolio, whether it be for stocks, forex, crypto, or any other financial instrument.  

How PipPenguin breaks down broker reviews

Here at PipPenguin, we understand that no two brokers are the same, and your financial situation is unique and deserves the utmost consideration. This is why all our reviews are written in-house by one of our qualified team members and take into account a multitude of factors that a broker should have and what you would need to understand before you choose to use them to invest. Some of the criteria we focus on for our comprehensive revues include;  

Ease of use 

Broker overview

Broker account information 

Broker educational material  

Broker special offers 

Broker customer service

Broker overview

Broker features 

Broker regulations

Broker charts and analysis 

Broker negative balance protection

Tradable assets

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